Certified E-Waste Recycler

Refurbished Computers and Computer Parts

We also refurbish and rebuild computers in-house and offer them for sale at prices far less than regular retail outlets.

 In addition, we have a variety of:

  • Monitors
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Computer Boards
  • Computer Cases
  • Other Accessories 

 Resale Items

As a regular part of our business we receive many items that still have value.  Therefore we set aside items we think people could still use and make them available to the general public.  It can be a very eclectic collection of items but you can almost always find older electronics (receivers, game players, radios, etc.)  that still function properly.   We also have a variety of cables, wires and power cords for far less than retail. 

To not interfere with our regular recycling traffic, we limit our resale time to Wednesdays between 10 am and 2 pm but you can review the items we have anytime during our regular business hours.  Unless you are also dropping off items for recycling, please park on the street when looking for resale items.